One Voice Children's Choir

Electronic Press Kit

Who hasn't been moved by a song? The One Voice Children's Choir believes music holds the power to change the trajectory of a person's life. The choir's mission is to create music that lifts people around the world--particularly children and youth, who are under constant attack. The rates of depression, addiction, and suicide continue to climb. Human trafficking is an atrocity to which NO ONE should be subjected but which continues to plague the world. Many of the songs One Voice performs acknowledge that challenges and difficulties touch every life, but above that concession rises a transcendent message of hope--of the indomitable human spirit--that can carry a person through even the most formidable challenge.

The One Voice Children's Choir partners with other performers and organizations, such as Child Fund International, who are moved by the same passion to be a part of the solution--a lifeline to those who find themselves in dark places in their lives.  If we can lift even one person, inspire that person to a brighter future, all the effort will be worth it.

We are passionate about sharing our message.  If you are interested in booking a performance, hosting us or simply learning more about the choir, please contact Kathie Steinagel at +1 (801) 915-8975 or send an e-mail to  




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